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Our Vision

Organization for Rare Diseases India in USA (ORDIUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity with the vision to accelerate clinical research leading to faster cures for rare diseases by engaging the US sponsors and CROs to include India in their clinical trials. ORDIUSA fosters collaborations between patient advocacy groups and researchers in the USA with their counterparts in India to help accelerate clinical research, trials and therapy access across borders.

USA and India are the strongest and the largest democracies in the world, collectively representing 25% of the world’s population. Yet only <2% of clinical trials have a footprint in India. By effectively overcoming the geographic constraints and other barriers between the two countries, ORDIUSA aims to catalyze faster therapies for the benefit of all patients waiting for a cure.

  1. Encouraging inclusion of India as a trial site in global clinical trials or enable access to global trials as an option for estimated 70 million patients living with rare diseases in India.
  2. Connecting patients living with rare diseases in India and USA with patient advocacy groups, with research, clinical trials and international Consortia such as IRDiRC, Globalgenes, and UDNI.
  3. Exchange and mutual co-operation for public health policy development/implementation Such as Rare Disease Policy and Orphan Drug Policy between USA, India and other countries.
  4. Organizing national and international conferences to bring all stakeholders of rare diseases together for debates and discussions.
  5. Facilitate cross-border research collaborations.
Upcoming Events
From 29-February-2020
to 21-June-2020

RaceFor7USA 2020

1) Washington DC
2) SF Bay area, CA
3) Greenville, SC
4) Boston (Acton), MA
5) Frisco, TX

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