The Racefor7 to Beat 7,000 Known Rare Diseases is On

A Global Approach to Advancing Drug Development for Rare Disease

February 13, 2019

Runners in cities in the U.S. and India will join together in the Racefor7 event on February 24. This annual 7K is held to raise awareness and empower patients with rare diseases in their quest for effective treatment options. “We will form a human chain between the U.S. and India, with nearly 15,000 people walking 7K at the same time,” says local socialpreneur, Dr. Harsha Rajasimha.

Rajasimha co-founded race-organizer ORDI (Organization for Rare Diseases India) to bring together scientists, policymakers, patients, and those in the pharmaceutical industry to connect across borders. The goal is to increase the number of clinical trials for rare diseases worldwide by adding the population of India to the candidate pool. The nonprofit will act as a catalyst to accelerate clinical research and bring about more timely diagnosis and treatment in India, where millions of people live with one of the more than 7,000 currently identified rare diseases.

Marshall Summar, MD, Director of the Rare Disease Institute, Children’s National Medical Center and Chairman of the Board at the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), will be kick off the race in DC. “I’m really excited to wave the flag to start this year’s Racefor7,” says Summar of his role at the epicenter of the regulatory environment for drug development and clinical trials in the U.S. “What a great event and what a way to bring the rare disease communities of the U.S. and India together.”

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