Expatriate mother in Muscat donates liver to save her son

expatriatemotherMuscat: Motherhood is all about caring. It is said that motherhood is where all the love begins and ends.

“I would do just about anything my kid wants. For him, there’s nothing which I can’t do,” an expatriate mother in Muscat who is readying herself to donate her organ to save the life of her three-year-old boy, said.

According to medics, Niketh, the boy, is suffering from an inborn error of metabolism resulting in recurrent crises and requiring treatment at hospital.

“Everyone is surprised about how I am taking care of him. When we found that he is not well and needs 24-hour attention, I gave up my job to take care of him,” Niketh’s mother said.

“As his talking ability and motor ability are a little slow when compared to other kids of same age, it is quite difficult to understand his needs. When he is hungry, he shows signs of being disturbed. In the initial days, it was quite difficult for me to understand, but now I am able to understand his needs. I am always present to take care of him, even at the cost of neglecting his elder school-going sister,” Niketh’s mother added.

The child suffered developmental delay and is on an NGT feeding through a plastic tube inserted through the nose, past the throat,

down into the stomach.

“As he cannot have solid food, we have to give him liquid diet. It is quite difficult to feed him. But, I cannot leave him starving, how can I?” Niketh’s mother asked.

The medics have advised that to save Niketh, the only solution is to have a liver transplant.

“When we checked with the medics, it was clear that it would be quite expensive to get a liver donor. So, I have decided to donate mine. If we go looking for donors outside, it will cost more,” the mother told the Times of Oman, while holding Niketh tight close to her.

The medics say that the liver transplant surgery will cost around OMR30,000. Besides, a facility to carry out such a surgery is not available at any of the hospitals here.

The letter provided by the government hospital medic stating the expense involved. “When we checked with the hospitals in India, if I am a donor, then it would cost around OMR25,000 only. Already, we are running short of money,” the mother added.

As she has quit her job to take care of Niketh, now they are biding time with the limited salary her husband, who works as a contract driver, earns. The special food for Niketh costs the family more than OMR150 per month.

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