Need to build global confidence & trust in clinical research in India

Given all the recent changes in the regulatory environment in the recent past and the regulators’ commitment to a creating a favourable clinical research environment in India, there is now a strong need to rebuild global confidence and trust in doing clinical research in India. This was the unanimous opinion of industry panelists in the concluding session on Does India Feature in Discussions on Global Clinical Study Placements at the 10th Annual ISCR (Indian Society for Clinical Research) Conference.

While on one hand, data of global inspections validates the high quality of clinical research being done in India, the clinical research environment is weighed down by negative perceptions of quality and therefore stakeholders need to take a more proactive approach to quality management, they said.

Speaking on the occasion, Suneela Thatte, President, ISCR said, “It is a key responsibility of each one of us to renew our pledge to quality,

patient safety and data integrity and set an example to the rest of the world as to how quality and ethics are not mere tokenism but truly reflect the spirit of the clinical research community in India. When this happens only then will we be able to bridge the gap between India’s potential in the field of clinical research and the actual clinical research being conducted in India at the moment and the gap between perception and reality. We at ISCR would like to reiterate our commitment to continue to engage with all our stakeholder and work towards the creation of a clinical research ecosystem that balances the interests of all stakeholders – particularly the patients.”

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