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National Umbrella Organization for Rare Diseases India is pleased to announce the launch of undiagnosed diseases network in India UDNi. We want to hear from and engage with every Indian resident with an undiagnosed or unknown medical condition. Being a member of the International rare diseases research consortium (IRDiRC) and Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN), ORDIndia’s mission is to accelerate the average time for diagnosis from 7 years to 1year. Having a proper and timely diagnosis is the critical first step towards better treatments or finding a cure.

Help us reach to the estimated 70 Million Indians affected by rare and undiagnosed diseases. Share this message and help spread the word.

ORDI- Undiagnosed Conditions 

Delivery of medical care to patients with rare and yet-to-be described diseases can be fraught with repetitive, inconclusive efforts at diagnosis as patients and their families go from physician to physician in hopes of finding answers. It is known that the average time for diagnosing a Rare Disease is 7 years worldwide. Any undiagnosed condition is a Uncertainty on many future activities.

To address these issues, ORDI is making an effort to diagnose a disease and provide answers to the families. This is an attempt to focuses on the most puzzling medical cases.

Patient Application form:

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  3. Please provide a narrative summary (150-200 words) of the applicant’s condition. If applicable, please include: • History of present illness • Date symptoms first noted • Past medical history • Previous diagnoses/comorbidities (using ICD terms if possible) • Prior procedures and surgeries.
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  5. Disclaimer:
    1) Please note that , ORDI not responsible for any delay / outcome in Diagnosis.
    2) If the patient is critical or ill , they need to visit the nearest medical facility

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