Youth Ambassadors for Rare Diseases Awareness

Rhea Mitr, SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Excited to propel scientific advancement and real change throughout the world, Rhea is a youth ambassador for ORDI, a noble cause that recognizes the value of every human life. As a high-school student, Rhea brings in her innovative thinking and determination to steadfastly support the rare disease initiative and be the voice that can resonate well with youth communities. Being a visionary with her own ’Gifting Lives’ initiative (, she promotes awareness regarding organ/tissue transplantation and conducts novel research using genomics and precision medicine. Rhea is also a passionate geographer who appreciates diversity and forges connections with people around the world. Representing Team-USA in the International Geography Bee in Germany, she individually secured 4th place overall in the 2018 World Championships, winning gold medals in team events as well. She now wants to share her love for geography by being the editor of a popular geography handbook. Rhea meshes her passion for geography, medicine , nd advocacy to pursue an interdisciplinary mix that characterizes her essence.

Anagha Sreenivas, Washington DC, USA

Anagha Sreenivas, a Youth Ambassador for the Organization of Rare Diseases, is an active dancer, choreographer, judge, model, youtuber, the current Miss India DC 2018, a Top 5 finalist at the National level of Miss India USA, and a high school senior. Anagha is trained in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, hip-hop, contemporary, and many other forms. She was a Dance India Dance Finalist, the winner of the Dance With Madhuri Contest, and runner up in Boogie Woogie. Anagha has modeled and worked with various Bollywood Designers and Choreographers such as Rohit Verma, Saroj Khan, Shakti Mohan, etc. Using her passion, Anagha believes in helping the underprivileged and promoting social awareness for various global issues by choreographing conceptual dance productions to advocate for causes dear to her. Some of these global issues she has worked on include the Rally for Rivers (the death of sacred rivers in India), gun violence in America, plastic usage, and many more. By involving people all over the country, she was able to spread awareness, initiate actions, and propose possible solutions. Anagha is an annual volunteer at the DC Central Kitchen, where she and her group have proudly prepared and served food for over 1 million of the homeless so far. Having served the roles of the President, Chair for Charity/Fundraising, Vice President, and Secretary of the Kaveri Kannada Sangha Youth Committee (non-profit organization), as well as the lead for the AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas in North America) Youth Committee, Anagha has worked with many international personalities and many charity organizations as well. She organized a fundraising event as part of the Houston Hurricane Relief, through which she was able to help the victims of this hurricane. She has also worked with her team to organize fund-drives for the Coorg Flood Relief as well.

So far, being a Youth Ambassador for ORDI USA, Anagha has organized two cultural fundraising events with her mother, called “Karunya” (meaning Compassion in Sanskrit) to fundraise for ORDI. In these events, they invited artists from India to showcase their dance productions and promote various talents, songs, dances, and public speaking. Having raised over $2000 in each one, they are working on initiating more events and promoting awareness for millions of rare diseases to help accelerate diagnostic treatments. Anagha feels compelled to raise awareness for these rare diseases, as they need to be given sincere attention to. There are over 350 million patients, over 7000 conditions, and over 7 million rare diseases today. By helping these patients, lives will change immensely. Holding the title of a youth ambassador and Miss India DC, she will be able to reach a wider audience to involve more people in fundraising events, promote awareness, and encourage the youth to rise as empowering individuals.

YouTube Channel: Anagha Sreenivas

Instagram: @anagha_sreenivas,
Facebook: Anagha Sreenivas
Facebook page: Dance With Anagha Sreenivas

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